How to make a simple cushion

Here’s a simple way to make a pom pom cushion!

To make the cushion I have here, you will need: (a kit is available for this cushion while stocks last!)

  • 1 Fat quarter for front cover
  • 1 Half metre for back panel
  • 50 centimeters of velcro
  • 3 metres of pom poms
  • 45cm X 45cm cushion pad (cushion pad is not included in the kit)

Phase one.

Prepare front cover.

This side will end up with poms so you need to do a little pinning and prep to give yourself the best chance of a flat seam. Allow at least a centimeter at the end of the pompoms without the bobble. Cut off the extra if it falls into this allowance. I find it cause more harm than its worth, so I remove it.

2015 - 1

Pin to hold the pom poms in place. The ribbon of the pom poms do stretch at different rates to the fabric, so a little pinning goes a long way to helping avoid ripples.I like to see the edge of the fabric I am pinning to so have allowed just a little to line up the ribbon. Sew the ribbon to the fabric. at this stage just sew the ribbon to the fabric, don’t over think it. You will tidy up and hide seams further along this process.  Cut the ribbon at the end of each side and start this process again. (4 short sewn strips)

2015 - 2

Phase 2 – Back panel. I prefer not to cut into two pieces straight away. Once its cut, its over and you’d better make sure you measured and sewed perfectly. So I prefer to take the whole piece of cloth and start to fold and iron as one.  The is the outer edge and folder over once, I use the pattern as a guide, or measure and mark if appropriate. Press with your iron,

2015 - 3

This is the second fold. Its no good skimping on this, allow for 2 cm of fabric at least (one inch is my preferred) again matching with the pattern if there is one. Press the seam and press the rest of the cloth ready for cutting.

2015 - 4


Use the sticky velcro (a wonder of a cheat!), and stick down over the seam. Leave a little for edge so that the velcro is not seen when completed. TOP tip: use the rough side of the velcro on the inside of the fabric so that only the soft side is exposed when taking on and off covers.

2015 - 5

Sew the velcro down. I use the end of the fold as a guide on my foot and gives a nice edge. For the inner side, I use the guide on my foot to find the edge as shown here. I find two rows of stitching enough, but if you know its getting some hard wear, then stitch as many rows as you feel necessary. (or if you are a bit wobbly on the rows. A couple more can sometimes hide the wobbly stitch!

2015 - 9

Don’t forget to cut the loose threads!

2015 - 10


Now measure and cut along the width, so that you have your first side to the back. Repeat the process again for the other side.

2015 - 6

Once both pieces are done, velcro them together! Allow for a little overhang on top of the fabric so the velcro cannot be seen once finished.  Sew the two sides together facing into each other.

2015 - 11

Be very careful and cut the corners of the cushion without crossing over any stitching. You are only cutting away excess. This little process makes the difference between puckered and pointed corners! Then turn inside out and VOILA! You’re done!

2015 - 14



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