Lewis & Irene Dove House and Harbourside is nearly here!

It feels like forever since we had our last Lewis & Irene delivery and any minute now they are going to arrive like buses! We should see Christmas stock and Flo’s florals arriving this month which we are so excited to see in the flesh. And next month the full collection of Dove House will be arriving. The cottage is the prettiest scene we’ve seen in a while so we can’t wait to show it off for all your craftying makes.  And we must’nt forget Harbouride which is a fun whimsical seaside print with fishing boats, towns and even a bearded sea captain!

Here’s your sneak peak – and if you love Dove house as much as we do, pre-order is now open! So get your discount quick and be the first to receive your bundle.

A165.1 - Dove house on light creamA165.2 - Dove house on duck eggA165.3 - Dove house on warm greyA166.1 - Chalk hearts on doveA166.2 - Chalk hearts on blushA166.3 - Chalk hearts on slateA167.2 - Love tree on duck eggA167.3 - Love tree on nightA168.1 - Pink hearts on light creamA168.2 - Grey hearts on light creamA168.3 - Pink hearts on doveA169.1 - Duck egg dovesA169.2 - Blush dovesA169.3 - White doves