Jennifer Paganelli Sunny Isle has arrived!

We are thrilled to say Sunny Isle from Jennifer Paganelli (Free Spirit Fabrics) is now in stock! 18 gorgeous prints now available in the UK. Its bold bright and cheerful and we love it. We were so honored to take part in the launch of this collection and you may have seen many photos of our progress over the last few months. The result being that June’s edition of Today’s Quilter will feature our quilt so go out and buy buy buy this wonderful magazine and dream of tropical paradise.

Here’s what Jennifer has to say about her collection:

Sunny Isle can be any island, maybe your favorite that conjures up relaxation and well-being. The sand, water, pool, flip-flops, the striped umbrellas – it all adds to our experience of heaven on earth. Islands are those places that give us momentary pause and helps us shift our priorities and give us new perspective. An island, like our fabrics, give you that ability to unwind. Fabrics elicit the emotion of happiness and help us escape to far-away places. Sunny Isles is the happy place you dream of…wind-blown hair, lots of suntan oil, sand in bathing suits and buckets of sea urchins collected. These are the days that made up my childhood and the place I call home.

Our theme this month is Be vibrant!
Vibrant (adjective)
1. Full of energy and life.  synonyms: spirited, lively, full of life
2.(of colour) bright and striking.

Energy is all around us! Let’s embrace colour and become vibrant!

To help celebrate the launch we also now stock Sis Boom dress patterns. This is a pdf copy that is emailed to you. What great fun to see this fabric and the designer intended! So get out there and sew in colour!