Visions Quilt club from Anna Maria Horner

We’re so excited to bring to you the Visions quilt club by Anna Maria Horner. This beautiful quilt has just been announced and will be shipping in May 2021. So something fantastic to look forward to next year.

We’ve ordered the quilt patterns, acrylics and the stunning Bright Eyes collection so we have it all for you! Anna Maria has created a wonderful Facebook space for the club to share her tips and expertise with you all. Here’s more about the quilt from Anna Maria.

The Club runs from June to October 2021 and we plan to ship at the end of May 2021. We’re offering two packages for this quilt. We have the essential package which includes the fabric for the top and binding and the pattern booklet (Click here to view more) and we have the Complete package which offers you fabric for top and binding, pattern, and acrylic templates. (Click here for complete version).

Here’s a bit more about the fabric collection that inspired the quilt in Anna Maria’s own words,

“My Bright Eyes collection celebrates the extraordinary beauty found in ordinary, everyday surroundings and what happens if you keep your eyes bright and open. A vintage embroidered blouse, a woven blanket, a stack of hand-painted ceramics, gardens in light and dark, a visit from a family of finches that only lasts seconds. I’ve portrayed nature truly, as well as stretching the truth in versions that only happen in my eyes after a mindful studying of shape and form. When in New Zealand last year, I was hosted by a lovely family on a thousand-acre farm that I arrived to in the night. I woke to a stunning garden all around the property that was hidden by dark until an early pull of the window shade. I owe the poppies and much of the palette in this collection to the surprise, delight and exploration that followed. I hope you feel all the same glow and optimism sewing with these fabrics as I did in creating them for you.”

Hindsight by Anna Maria Horner

Anna Maria Horner is one of those creative spirits enables you to change your view, to try something maybe a little out of your comfort zone yet still feel so familiar that it is both exciting to to see and with a warm sense of nostalgia. Does that make sense? I hope so because that is I think why both Amanda and I love her so. We were lucky enough to join her for a workshop a couple of years ago that the Oxford Modern Quilt Guild hosted and the ease and calm she brings makes you feel part of family instantly. We had planned to host her in August for a special event, but but we are watching the world events at this time which has put a spanner in the works. We will let you know more as soon as we can on future plans. But for the moment. Let’s focus on her wonderful new collection Hindsight. Don’t forget to see this new collection here . ( Note: We have ordered the 108″ wideback which has been delayed but should be with us July and don’t forget your coordinating solids: Spruce, Macaw, Pear, Solar).

Here’s what Anna Maria says in her own words,

Hindsight is a very joyful look back at my body of work over the last 15 years in fabric design. It is impossible not to mention how much the community of quilting has continued to inspire my work and therefore this collection. Traveling and teaching classes allows me to watch various coveted pieces of fabrics from all points in time come together to create beautiful vignettes. That celebratory mingling as well as my own desire to look back at my art and reimagine it with fresh eyes was the guiding inspiration in Hindsight. The showy “Guest of Honor” flower now has a sparkling “Center” and floats among the boisterous “Summer Totem” blooms and branches. “Sinister Swarm” moths invade and dance through the thicket of “Small Gathering”. The abstract “Volumes” stack of books gets painted with “True Colors”. “Echinacea” breaks its own norm and single fields are dappled with many sunset rich hues. I hope that Hindsight feels like a treasure hunt of favorites and contributes to new discoveries in art and patchwork.

New on Etsy

We’ve just launched our Etsy store to list our digital patterns! With our ever growing collection of patterns, we knew it was time to consider how we could sell them to a wider audience. So many of you want to shop with us from overseas and keeping up with current taxation rules and website chances was proving exhausting, so we decided to take the plunge and separate the digital downloads into a platform that will make the process simpler to manage and celebrate our designs to a wider market.

Don’t worry if you still like paper versions, at this time, you can certainly still order them through this website and when you see us at shows!

Here’s a little sample of just some of the patterns now available – and every month it grows!