Amy Butler – Big Sky (Periwinkle)


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  • Natural Beauty collection
  • Amy Butler for Freespirit Fabrics
  • 100% Cotton poplin

Printed on cotton poplin because of it’s superior quality for quilting and garment sewing, but also because you all loved the poplin so much from my Soul Mate collection. The higher thread count and finer yarns of the poplin create a tighter weave so the hand is absolutely superior! It feels like Liberty of London fabrics but with more drape and a weight similar to traditional quilting cotton. And you get a luxury sewing experience with no additional cost! You can see the full look book for the line here #abnightmusic #amybutler #amybutlerdesign #iamafreespirit#freespiritfabrics 

Amy says:

My fascination and love for wild creatures, plants and flowers started when I was very young spending hours with my Mom and Grandma in the woods, on the rivers and under the stars. They’re artists too and they taught me the value of experiencing the beauty in nature, and with unspoken words, guided more by feeling, we all felt the love, magnanimous positive vibrations and grounding peace that the wild world offers us. It’s magical, evolving and expanding; just like us! I wanted this collection to express the richness of my natural inspirations and to be a joyful celebration combining gorgeous color with jaw dropping feel good prints. I hope you feel it and have fun with it too!! XO Amy

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