Bird Cage Mirror Quilt Kit featuring New Vintage


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Bird Cage Mirror is the new pattern design by Kathy Doughty. Frames of English paper pieced hexagons create windows to showcase the large-scale prints of New Vintage collection. Two edge finishes offer options, so pick your pleasure.

This quilt kit contains all the fabric for the top of the quilt and a printed version of her pattern. Although we include a printed copy of the pattern, the cost of the kit is for the fabric only. The pattern remains free.  Bird Cage Mirror is a free downloadable pattern by Kathy Doughty also available on the Freespirit website.

In this kit:

  • printed copy of the pattern
  • A) L’oiseau Azure PWMO038.AZURE  (0.7m)
    (B) L’oiseau Puff PWMO038.PUFF  (0.7m)
    (C) L’oiseau Currant PWMO038.CURRANT(0.7m)
    (D) Plaid Chartreuse PWMO039.CHARTREUSE (0.7m)
    (E) Plaid Marmalade PWMO039.MARMALADE(0.7m)
    (F) Plaid Tiffany PWMO039.TIFFANY (0.7m)
    (G) Charmed Jade PWMO040.JADE (0.7m)
    (H) Charmed Lilac PWMO040.LILAC  (0.7m)
    (I) Vintage Rose Macaron PWMO041.MACARON (2.2m)
    (J) Mini Charm Ganache PWMO042.GANACHE  (2m)
    (K) Tapestry Stripe Fete PWMO045.FETE(0.7m)
    (L) Tapestry Stripe Gala PWMO045.GALA (0.7m)
    (M) Tapestry Stripe Gala PWMO045.GALA*(0.6m)

Additional Requirements (NOT INCLUDED IN KIT)
• 100% cotton thread in a color to match
• (218) 2″ (5.08cm) hexagon papers
• Acrylic template with 3
⁄8″ (.95cm) seam allowance for 2″ (5.08cm) hexagons (optional)
• Fabric glue stick
• Embroidery and/or Milliners needles
• 67″ x 80″ (170.18cm x 203.20cm) batting (optional for bound finish)
• Freezer paper (optional)

PROJECT DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure that all projects are error free. All the information is presented in good faith, however no warranty can be given nor results guaranteed as we have no control over the execution of instructions. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the use of this information or damages that may occur as a result. When errors are brought to our attention, we make every effort to correct and post a revision as soon as possible. Please make sure to check for pattern updates prior to starting the project. We also recommend that you test the project prior to cutting for kits.

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