Boho Blooms by Kelli May-Krenz (Fat Quarters)PREORDER


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PREORDER – Estimated shipping September/ October 2021

  • designed by Kelli May-Krenz
  • Brand Freespirit Fabrics
  • 100% cotton
  • 12 prints
  • Each fat quarter is cut by us to 50cm x 50cm approximately

Here’s what Kelli has to say,

Since childhood I have always been inspired by flowers, finding something to treasure in every petal and leaf. I use to pick tiny flowers and save every petal by pressing into heavy book pages. There is so much to be inspired by in one tiny bloom. No two flowers are exactly alike, what a gift nature gives us. My collection Boho Blooms is a celebration of all things sacred and beautiful – adding layers of soul-filled color. Boho Blooms will have you stitching bouquets of pure happiness!

More about Kelli, she says,

Art is my soul filling place I go to each day. I’ve been able to tap into my imagination and create since I was six years old. I have adored fabrics, design and creating sinceI was a little girl.  I remember sewing bedding for my Barbie beds (made out of Kleenex boxes).  Always being drawn to quilts and hand stitching. My mom made me my first real quilt, stitching by hand. To date she has hand stitched well over 100 quilts. There is something wildly beautiful about taking tiny bits of fabrics and turning them into a unique piece of art.  Throughout my life I always keep hand stitching close to me. I stitch at night by hand in bed always. I believe that stitching heals us, deep to our souls.  My dream to design fabrics has stayed with me throughout my graphic design and illustration career.  I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts.  I’ve lived and worked in Dallas, Minneapolis and Siesta Key, Florida, with clients from all over the world.  These days, I live in Galena Illinois with my hubby and muse – our little Jack Russell Terrier named Pearl Button.  For me creating is like breathing – I simply must do it. My mission to continue making art that creates my core belief – that all great things are possible.  My desire to share a love of living through design and thoughtful inspired patterns.  I am inspired by a love for life.  Seeing days with intention and a knowing of the many beautiful moments we can celebrate.  I create every single day and I am thrilled to share my world with you.

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