Nathalie Lete – Sunday in the Country (Full width PANEL)


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Nathalie Lete for Anna Maria’s Conservatory

Nathalie Lete’s Sunday in the Country is reminiscent of a Renoir painting, when, in the 19th century, Parisians would picnic along the river and in the shadows of trees in the French countryside.

  • designer Natalie Lete
  • Freespirit Fabrics
  • 100% cotton
  • £15 per metre
  • Panel cut full width of fabric, in approximately half metres. We will need to access where to cut for this panel when it arrives. We will do our best not to cut through panels, but please be aware the pattern may require us to do this at some point in the bolt. This may mean it is shorter than a half metre as it has been printed with US sizing, but we will do our best to retain the design. Any questions please do contact us at

Multiples are cut in continuous length.



Nathalie Lete was born in 1964. She lives and works in Paris. She works in many ways, mixing different techniques and mediums, illustration, ceramics, textile and painting … She is inspired by her travels, but also by the mixing of vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. Her work is colourful, naive and poetic, sometimes strange, to the point of tending towards art brut. Her world is nurtured by popular and folk art from her both origins (her Chinese father and her German mother). She produces children’s and graphic’s books, knitted and stuffed toys, glass pictures, patterned dishes, but also postcards, ceramic sculptures, silkscreen printed t-shirts, rugs and jewels in limited edition … and also now cotton fabrics!

More about Conservatory Crafts:

Conservatory gathers and translates beautiful art from uniquely talented artists into textiles, quilt patterns and crafts that inspire you to create your own beauty. Our hope is that you love our art, and treasure what you’ve made.

Expanding upon her successful path as an artist, quilter, writer, and creative brand, Anna Maria curates and collaborates with artists who exemplify and complement her timeless and fine art based approach to design. Each of the artists and their work reside in diverse corners of the worldwide creative community and contribute something special to Conservatory.

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