Osnaburg (Per half metre)


A natural textured linen look.

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Osnaburg Fabric is great for a variety of uses! We use it for our dolls, cushion backs and a variety of crafts. It has a loose weave with natural flecks. A natural linen feel to the texture which gives it both a different look and texture than most fabrics.

44″ / 110cms wide. 100% Cotton. Pre Shrunk.

A little Osnaburg history, because I thought it was interesting 🙂

Osnaburg was a coarse type of plain fabric, named from the archaic English name for the city of Osnabrück, Germany.[1]

Osnaburg fabric may have been first imported into English-speaking countries from Osnaburg. Originally made from flax yarns, it has also been made from tow or jute yarns, and from flax or tow warp with a mixed or juteweft. The finer and better qualities form a kind of common sheeting, and the various kinds may contain from 20 to 36 threads per inch and 10 to 15 picks per inch.

It began to be woven in Scotland in the later 1730s as an imitation of an imported German fabric that was a coarse lint- or tow-based linen cloth. It quickly became the most important variety in east-central Scotland. Sales quadrupled, from 0.5 million yards in 1747 to 2.2 million yards in 1758. It was exported mainly to England, the Netherlands, and Britain’s colonies in America, and some rough fabrics were called osnaburg as late as the twenty first century. In the Atlantic plantation complex, prior to the abolition of slavery, osnaburg was the fabric most often used for slave garments.

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