New Anna Maria Horner

This is year we are so excited to be stocking A LOT of Anna Maria Horner. We’ve have the Conservatory Collection, which is her curated collection of designers for Free Spirit fabrics. We have her complete capsule of English Garden, and precuts of the complete Conservatory across the colour ways. AND… the gorgeous Tambourine Collection, is due in this month!

Expanding upon her successful path as an artist, designer, and creative brand, Anna Maria brings a small gathering of artists to market that exemplify and complement her timeless and fine art based approach to design. Each of the artists and their artwork reside in diverse corners of the creative community and are invited to contribute not only their unique talents but also their devoted admirers to the Conservatory brand. As Curator and Designer for Conservatory, Anna Maria is partnering with FreeSpirit Fabrics to develop, present and distribute the collections in a special way that supports retail partners and that ultimately provides inspiration for the maker.

Anna says: Anna Maria’s Conservatory is a gathering of beautiful art from uniquely talented artists. We translate this art onto textiles so that you can create something even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. Our hope is that you love our art, and treasure what you’ve made.