Bettine from Tilly and the Buttons

Well its heated up here in the UK and my sewing room has become too hot to spend much time in. So I was busy making the Bettine from Tilly and the Buttons as we’ve had her stock in a while and not yet made anything. So here’s my run down on how it went.

The sizing seems pretty accurate. I’m a UK 16 normally and so I used the largest size available for this pattern to make sure I could cut down as needed. And well, that was a perfect match really.  Being a bigger girl I really didn’t want it too fitted. I wanted a nice easy travel outfit.

They do recommend a jersey and something drapey and I totally get it. A soft stretchy fabric would make a really nice dress in this pattern. I chose an Art Gallery Fabric as I really wanted to see how it would fit with our more regular stock of our fabric. Art Gallery is a higher thread count than many fabrics these days and does generally suit clothes. That said, there is very little give, so I’m not convinced how well it suits this pattern.

I found that the hips were very curvy on the Bettine so I did need to lose a little by the pockets. Maybe a centimetre on each side. If this had been jersey it may not have noticed.

My shape doesn’t tend to suit dresses. I can often look all shoulders so I need a way to show off my height and look less of a shotputter. So although my other half really liked the dress version on me, I created a hack and shortened it to a top with no elastic. I’m super happy with the result. It lengthens my torso, puts the pockets in the right spot and the AGF fabric suits the more smock-like look.

So when making the Bettine.

  • Be generous on sizing,
  • fabric will change the look of this dress significantly – so choose something that will drape well.
  • Check the fit on the hips, a few of my friends noticed it was extra curvy too!

Other than that have fun! Its a quick make. I had it done in a day after I prepped the tracing paper.

Happy Sewing

Mel x