New in! Tina Givens – Feather Flock

Tina Givens has been designing fabrics for the apparel and quilt industry for Coats ® (Free Spirit Fabric) for the last 8 years. She injects her signature colour and detailed illustration into each piece. We love her quirky fabric. The original sketches mush be amazing as each print captures that hand-drawn look. So as soon as we saw her new collection – Feather Flock – we jumped at the chance to stock it nearly in its entirety.  We loved all the colours so much, we chose them all!

What Tina says about Feather Flock:

Feather Flock is a dreamy collection of novelty prints based on a very sweet memory of my children when they were chatty little toddlers. The collection features Princess Feather, a special nocturnal fairy who loves to flitter in the soft, moon-lit sky. Her best friend is the King Bird, reigning over the special night sky who ensures his flock of tiny birds keep watch over all the children in the land. Inspired by my children’s nursery when they were little people, the room had amazing sky lights over each of their toddler beds. We’d watch the stars come out and on special nights, the crescent moon appeared in full view. The children’s father and I would chat with them about the moon, the King Bird and his merry flock who’d stay watch as they slept in the light of the moon. A sweet memory I will always cherish.

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Feeling inspired? See the collection in our shop! There are three colour ways to choose from, from the richest of plums to the freshest of greens.

Fancy a FREE quilt pattern?  COATS and Tina have teamed up to make this cute ‘Feather Flock Quilt‘ quilt and share the free pattern with you! Go to our pattern section for more inspiration.

Hope to see some of your wonderful projects soon!

Mel & Amanda