All about Kaffe

You may have noticed we’ve been building our Kaffe Fassett stock. We love how Free Spirit fabrics mix with each other and Kaffe is the starting point for any big collection surely! He’s a master of mixing colours and patterns and we love the vibrancy that his designs bring to the quilting world.  We’ve brought in a few precuts to our stock which make wonderful Christmas gifts, great stash builders and are stunning for their colours and texture.  We have The gorgeous Kyoto fabrics on the bolt, and some stunning Candy Spot Design Rolls and Artisan Fat Quarter bundles.

The Fat Quarter bundles include beautiful hand-block fabrics printed from Kaffe Fassett Studio new Artisan Range. To see how hand-block print fabrics are created, click here: True artisanal hand-crafted goodness.

Mediterranean Tiles” is Kaffe’s latest Quilt Market showcase quilt and its using a mixture of older and some the latest of the Artisan prints and batik fabrics (add Flat Shot). This quilt layout is available as a free download here from ISSU.

Gift Ideas for friends and treats for yourself!

We’re excited to launch our new Designer box sets in time for the Christmas season! Wrapped in tissue and boxed ready, they make beautiful gifts to friends, family or of course a fun treat for yourself!

We have chosen a select range of Designers to show off their range and add co-ordinating solids. A perfect starting point to dip into their stunning collections. Whether you love the bold fun colours of Jennifer Paganelli, the rich ecclectic patterns of Anna Maria Horner or the classic colours of Kaffe, we have a mix of designs and colours to get you started on your Free Spirit Journey.

Each season we will update our boxes so you can have fun trying out new designers and collections. Our first designers to hit our shelves are:

If this sounds good to you, why not join our Designer Club. We have a selection of Free Spirit Fabrics boxes sent to your door every two months, with a choice of monthly invoicing to spread the payments.

New Kaffe and Phillip Jacob

We’re so excited to have as box of goodies arrive full of beautiful colour! We have all four colourways of Kaffe Fasset’s new Artisan print Kyoto. The colours glow they are so pretty. Whether you love quilting, making cushions or maybe a fun dress, his unique style is so striking we know you will fall in love with these too! Pair them with some fun jumbles and you have the perfect combo!

Kaffe Fasset Collective

  • Kyoto – Red
  • Kyoto – Blue
  • Kyoto – Pink
  • Kytoto – Orange


Also just arrived is the sublime Koi from Phillip Jacobs new collection Arcadia. These beautiful fish could be swimming right off the fabric! The look fantastic with the new Kaffe Candy rolls too so you are onto a winner here.

Koi – Teal

Conservatory Fabrics in stock!

English Summer by Anna Maria Horner has started to arrive on our shelves! We’ve ordered lots of different bits of Conservatory. All of English Summer is coming, and plenty of precuts from the various other capsules.


First bolts are in our shop already and you can Preorder the bundles for English Summer now!

See whats in stock by clicking this link! 

Sugar Bowl Crafts
Sugar Bowl Crafts
Sugar Bowl Crafts


The De la Luna Sisters are the not so distant cousins of the Von Black sisters, who made somewhat of a name for themselves a few years ago in collection called Night Shade. While the Von Black sisters drew their power from more earthly elements, the De la Luna sisters cull their magical gifts from the spirit realm. Once a year, as fall crashes into winter, the matriarchs of the De la Luna clan call on their ancestors, acting as vessels for their vast power. Maria De la Luna, the youngest of the three sisters can see into the great distance of the future as she draws her power from the most clairvoyant spirits in their lineage. She uses her prophetic sight to write letters to mean girls informing them of the exact time and place that they will die or sometimes when their boyfriends will break up with them depending on how mean they are. The middle Sister, Magnolia De la Luna, is perhaps the most cunning of the three although it’s hard to tell because she doesn’t wear glasses and everyone knows that the smartest people always wear glasses. Magnolia, Maggie for short, draws her power from the spirits of earth and bloom. She uses her potent power to cultivate and nurture vast gardens and lush landscapes for her highest paying clients. Oh, did I forget to mention that she runs a surprisingly successful landscape architecture firm in their prosperous south Texas town? The oldest sister, Venus De la Luna, the undisputed caretaker of the whole De Luna clan and best friend to her cousin Scarlet Von Black has a vary mysterious past. Venus leaves a trail of admirers where ever she goes. Great empires have fallen under her angelic gaze. Many great men sit alone in padded rooms spending endless days and boundless nights whispering her name to no one in – particular. She swears that she did nothing to encourage their favor and was only, ever, minding her own business. Just because these men choose to buy her gifts from her extensive online wish list is truly no fault of her own


Tula Pink AllStars on its way!

What a crazy 10 days for Free Spirit Fabrics! One minute there were here, then they had closed and now they are being bought out so their fabric is back up again!

So the good news… Tula Pink Allstars is on its way! It left continental Europe today (Wednesday) and is heading through blizzards to get to our door. So this time next week we should be surrounded in all 18 glorious bolts of AllStars!  Bundles are up already, and I’ll be loading the individual fat quarters over the next few days.

If you are in the Dorset area, we will be co-hosting a Pop Up with Eternal Maker in Stourpaine Village Hall and we will be bringing all these lush bolts with us.

So a date for the calendar:

  • 24th March
  • Stourpaine Village Hall, Dorset
  • 10-3pm

And if you fancy a great little workshop while youre there, why not book a place with Kim Edith and learn how to textile scrapbook!

book you place here :

Interview with Kathy Doughty

We’ve loved Kathy for many years now. Both of us are followers of her books and she’s provided us with so much inspiration. When we saw the wonderful Horizons collection we jumped at the chance to stock it.  Amanda caught up with Kathy to ask her about her inspiration, quilting and fabric.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am an obsessive quilter.  Not a day goes by that I don’t sketch or stitch a project.  My life revolves around the process of making quilts including working with customers daily, writing patterns and books about quilting or teaching, organising events or traveling to teach.  Other than that I have three sons that are in their 20’s that aren’t one bit interested in quilts but we find ways to communicate…generally about music.  My husband has been a professional photographer all his life and as a result he has given Material Obsession a beautiful presentation.  About two years ago he moved into the business full time as it had grown too big for me!

You are an American who has been living in Australia for several years – how does that influence your quilt designs?

I grew up on Ohio playing in fields and forests that surrounded our home.  I then went to college in West Virginia which was also a great place for outdoor activities but then, after college I moved to NYC and discovered a new world of color and deisgn.  I worked in advertising, fashion and then was involved with SWATCH Watch USA as a start up company.  I remember being surrounded by creative people and wondering what it was that my hands were supposed to be doing.  I had a sense there was something but didn’t know what.  Then when I moved to Sydney and started a family the idea of sewing took over my life.  It filled the lonely places that were once filled with my family and friends in the USA.  It gave me a path to creative expression but just as importantly, it gave me a community to belong to.  I am dedicated to the community of quilting and to encouraging people to be creative.

My designs are reflective of the colourful environment here as well as the many artists that surround me daily.  The teachers and staff at Material Obsession are all amazingly creative and have shared ideas and techniques with me for the last 15 years.  I owe a lot of quilters for sharing their skills so that I can grow my own!

You have a shop in Sydney, Material Obsession. How did that come about?

Surprisingly, Material Obsession was born more out of need than skill.  I couldn’t find a shop that had what I wanted. I had never worked in retail before and did not know as much about quilting as I probably should have.  I knew from the moment we opened the door on the first day that my customers would know more about techniques than I did.  However, what I had was a fearlessness to use color and design as I saw it and that was attractive to customers that had been told what to do and exactly how to do it.  Big blocks, scrappy style and so much more was very new 15 years ago and we grew quickly.  Originally it was a partnership but in 2008 I became the sole owner.  I surrounded myself with very talented women that have become my best friends and co-workers.  We work, play and travel together.  It is a tight team that values honesty, friendship and creative endeavours.  The spirit of Material Obsession is something that I am very proud of today.  I think of it as a place where people can come to be creative and feel comfortable trying new things.

Has your style of quilting evolved over the years?

Absolutely!  I think I worked with squares for 8 years.  Then I discovered triangles and did that for a few more years.  I have mastered a lot of different techniques over the years and that means that I can work out how to do almost anything. I am surrounded by fabric and that is generally what inspires me.

In the beginning I wanted to do everything fast.  I think now that I have pieced enough quilts and am now drawn to slower processes.  I am also more interested in self expression than technique so applique is very interesting as it allows for my own shapes.  I like doing projects that have a bit of a story line in my head and applique allows me to play around a lot more than piecing.

I am also interested in art quilts now more than ever.  In some ways it seems to be the evolution of committed quilters.  Once we have experimented with a variety of techniques the story takes over.

Your style is both patchwork (piecing) and appliqué, which both compliment each other beautifully. Do you have a preference for either technique?

I think I just like the mix.  There are days when I just want to piece and see what happens but at night I like to sit and sew quietly…so I guess it is all about managing time.  I talk all day long in the shop so it is nice to have a quiet activity for the evening.

Your handquilting is beautiful! Is this something you prefer to do as opposed to machine quilting?

I would prefer to hand quilt all my quilts but have not got enough time for that anymore.  I just bought a Simply Sixteen so that I can get some of my shop quilts done on time.  With that I want to develop my own style as well.  I like that it is like drawing with stitch.  I don’t like that I need lots more practice!!!

Patchwork and quilting and indeed, crafting in general, has made a resurgence over the last few years. Why do you think that is?

Crafting speaks from and to the heart.  In a world where things seem to go haywire with hate I think that falling into a community of craft reminds us that we are human.  We have common bonds with other crafters that make conversation easy….sharing rewarding.  Communities all over the world break down due to technology and general business but when we make time to make we recreate a world where small things matter and time is measured with reward.

Moving on to your fabric designs, what do you enjoy about being a designer for Free Spirit?

I made my business using FreeSpirit designer fabrics so it is an honour to be part of the designer team.  It is as the name implies…a place to be an individual.  I love color and lots of it is a natural fit.

What is the starting point for designing a collection of fabrics? Is there a particular part of the process you enjoy?

I start by drawing with a pencil in my sketch  book.  I have a big look around and see what is interesting.  One idea leads to another until the story develops.  I think I like that part the best but then when the next part starts, the adding color and working out the details of the collection I like that…and then when the sampling arrives…well I like that the best.  With Horizons the best part was how much every body loves it!!!

We are very excited to stock your new collection Horizons, due in February 2018. How do you go about promoting a collection – does it always include a quilt design?

I just do what I do.  Make quilts and talk about it.  I also have given sampling to my favourite designers like Wendy Williams, Marg George and Rachael Daisy.  Knowing they want to make samples with my fabric is always a thrill.

Finally, many people in the UK (not least us!) would love to see you – do you have any plans to visit here one day, maybe at the Festival of Quilts?

Thinking about it…seriously thinking about it.  Just need the first invite and when that happens we work out a tour….hint hint.

Here more from Kathy herself in this short video…

Holiday and Pre-orders!

Firstly, we are on holiday until the 3rd September so apologies if you place an order before then as we will be away!

Onto Pre-order!

OH YES! Judiths Fancy by Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit is now on PREORDER! That means 10% off if you order today using the code ‘preorder10’. This applies to any order of fabric within our ‘pre-order’ section. For a quick link: PRE-ORDER

We are so thrilled to be working again with Jennifer on her launch of this new collection and can’t wait to stock more of her fabrics. Its bold, its vibrant and brings sunshine into our homes! This new line is the first digitally printed range for Free Spirit Fabrics, here’s what Jennifer and her team have to say about it!

We are thrilled with our first digitally printed designed fabric, Judith’s Fancy, and hope you are too! The collection is based on Jennifer’s artwork and named after her childhood neighborhood in St. Croix; an island near and dear to her heart. Jennifer dove head first into painting in the summer of 2015 after taking online classes at CreativeBug with Pam Garrison.
One of Jennifer’s early paintings….

Little did she know, painting would some become a passion, and she started painting every day. First with acrylics and watercolors and now with mainly oil paints. This line features the florals you know and love plus pineapples and the wonderful ladies faces Jennifer has been creating on canvas. Which is your favourite?

Amanda has been busy working on a quilt for Jennifer – keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram to see her progress. Its so much fun and bringing smiles to our faces.

This is a pattern designed by Amanda Green

Don’t miss out on these great fun prints! Order them early, because I can seem them going fast! Due November/December with us.

Sunny Isle Quilt hits Todays Quilter Issue 24

After a wait that seemed forever – our Sugared Hexagon Quilt has arrived in issue 24 of Todays Quilter. Using the entire collection of Sunny Isle by Jennifer Paganelli for Free Spirit Fabrics. Its bright, sunny and of course floral! Beautifully quilted by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff (

Summer is the month of blooms and this beautiful quilt is no exception. With fabrics such as Garen and its most beautiful roses which adds a softness to the bold rich colours.

Quilt by SBC for Todays Quilter

Enjoy the 6 pages of glorious colour in the magazine and then enjoy making your own! Full details are in the magazing with wonderful step by step instructions and diagrams. Its really not as hard as it looks! You do not have to be an experienced quilter to enjoy making this quilt.

There is only one of the our Today’s Quilter bundle special left as we are nearly out of of one of the colours. That said there is a fab replacement using Sophia from Hotel Fred which is a fantastic alternative if you miss out on the full collection.

Happy Quilting!

Mel & Amanda

Jennifer Paganelli Sunny Isle has arrived!

We are thrilled to say Sunny Isle from Jennifer Paganelli (Free Spirit Fabrics) is now in stock! 18 gorgeous prints now available in the UK. Its bold bright and cheerful and we love it. We were so honored to take part in the launch of this collection and you may have seen many photos of our progress over the last few months. The result being that June’s edition of Today’s Quilter will feature our quilt so go out and buy buy buy this wonderful magazine and dream of tropical paradise.

Here’s what Jennifer has to say about her collection:

Sunny Isle can be any island, maybe your favorite that conjures up relaxation and well-being. The sand, water, pool, flip-flops, the striped umbrellas – it all adds to our experience of heaven on earth. Islands are those places that give us momentary pause and helps us shift our priorities and give us new perspective. An island, like our fabrics, give you that ability to unwind. Fabrics elicit the emotion of happiness and help us escape to far-away places. Sunny Isles is the happy place you dream of…wind-blown hair, lots of suntan oil, sand in bathing suits and buckets of sea urchins collected. These are the days that made up my childhood and the place I call home.

Our theme this month is Be vibrant!
Vibrant (adjective)
1. Full of energy and life.  synonyms: spirited, lively, full of life
2.(of colour) bright and striking.

Energy is all around us! Let’s embrace colour and become vibrant!

To help celebrate the launch we also now stock Sis Boom dress patterns. This is a pdf copy that is emailed to you. What great fun to see this fabric and the designer intended! So get out there and sew in colour!