New Keiko Goke

We’re very excited to stock the new collection of Keiko Goke. Modern bold prints paired with a soft poplin it has a beautiful feel and striking patterns. Keiko Goke is a Japanese artist with 40 years experience in the industry. She now produces fabric for Freespirit Fabrics. “I enjoy because fabrics are like paints to me and designing patchwork makes me feel like I am painting my own picture. Such fun!”

Here’s what Keiko has to say about her new collection:

To draw by hand – this is the medium of choice for me when I design my fabrics. Watercolors, crayon and soft tip colored pencils, especially German made LYRA and STABILO, are my favorite drawing tools. I know, my artistic choice will require the mill to put forth extra effort when reproducing my designs, but this is my medium and how I would like to continue as long as I design fabric. I always want to include flower motifs in my collection, which are found as a few pretty and gentle flowers. I also love graphic types of motifs, also in this collection. Designs that I draw, as I like, become printed fabrics delivered to the quilters. I do think it is such a happy thing to do as a job and I made this collection in thanks for that joy.

Check out more more her work on her website here:

See her in stock fabrics here:

Sloths, Alice in wonderland and Tropical Islands

Some quirky crazy good fabrics have just arrived in our shop! Four beautiful Japanese fabrics have arrived, we received two more bolts of the Alice and Nursery Rhymes fabric in both the blue and the pink. These all went at the Olympia Show and were just so different! A lovely write up from one of our customers Gabberdashery wrote about them as she made an adorable skirt with the blue colourway. Both of these are a lightweight cotton suitable for clothes or quilting. The second two were heavier weight Japanese linen. The cutest and quirkiest sloths with one even donning a beret! We partner this great fabric with the natural linen spot on red which we’ve had before and love so much. Both being the heavier weight are awesome for bags or home furnishings.   Here’s your go to links!

Island girl from Lewis and Irene is due this week and we are taking orders now! These are going to make awesome girls dresses for all ages!

Harbourside the full collection is back in stock and going fast! After three orders of this one, its the last time we will see this one. When its gone, its gone!

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Happy Sewing!