Lewis & Irene Dove House and Harbourside is nearly here!

It feels like forever since we had our last Lewis & Irene delivery and any minute now they are going to arrive like buses! We should see Christmas stock and Flo’s florals arriving this month which we are so excited to see in the flesh. And next month the full collection of Dove House will be arriving. The cottage is the prettiest scene we’ve seen in a while so we can’t wait to show it off for all your craftying makes.  And we must’nt forget Harbouride which is a fun whimsical seaside print with fishing boats, towns and even a bearded sea captain!

Here’s your sneak peak – and if you love Dove house as much as we do, pre-order is now open! So get your discount quick and be the first to receive your bundle.

A165.1 - Dove house on light creamA165.2 - Dove house on duck eggA165.3 - Dove house on warm greyA166.1 - Chalk hearts on doveA166.2 - Chalk hearts on blushA166.3 - Chalk hearts on slateA167.2 - Love tree on duck eggA167.3 - Love tree on nightA168.1 - Pink hearts on light creamA168.2 - Grey hearts on light creamA168.3 - Pink hearts on doveA169.1 - Duck egg dovesA169.2 - Blush dovesA169.3 - White doves

Rosalie Dekker, Lewis & Irene now in, and an update on kits and bundles

We so thrilled to be stocking Cotton forest, designed by Rosalie Dekker from Ella Blue fabrics. Its a gorgeous weight cotton linen blend with the softest colour pallette suitable for quilts, crafts and garments! There are very few stockists in the UK so we are very thrilled to be one of the first to stock her range here.

You may have seen our cute bunnies and cushion kit in the range on Facebook. Both these are Rosalie’s own pattern and we now have in stock.


We’re also building our partnership with Lewis & Irene as we love the direction they are going in.  Home grown British talent managed and designed by the family – truly ‘threaded with love’. If you attend the various fairs and shows, keep a look out for Brenda Bear as a photo with her could win yourself some great Lewis & Irene fabric!  We’ve stocked up on their version of the jelly roll called ‘Fabulous 40’s” and their version of charm packs called ‘Charming Packs’. So do check them out as there is very little stock of these in the UK, we are one of the first officially stock them. (NOTE: did you know Moda has copyrighted the terms ‘jelly rolls” and “charm packs”, so when you search for your favourite fabrics check what the fabric company actually calls them otherwise all you’ll find is Moda!)


Keep a look out for Denim Studio from Art Gallery fabrics – many of you will know we’ve been stocking AGF from the start of our business. Their new range Denim Studio is GORGEOUS! Its a wide width fabric so perfect for those with dressmaking skills. The quality is sublime and you really can ‘feel the difference’ as is their motto.


Whats coming up?

Lots of new goodies coming in May! Lecien’s Holiday Sugar will be arriving soon. Its bright and colourful and mixes roses with holiday cheer. Amanda and I can’t wait to get our hands on it and start working with Lecien on their beautiful collections.


There is of course lots of Lewis and Irene coming in “Dove House” and Flo’s Florals (oh wait, that’s a bit of a secret…shhhhh you’re going to LOVE IT!

Happy days friends! Thanks for continuing to support our dream and we look forward to seeing many of you at Malvern Quilt Festival (May) and Sandown Quilt Festival (June).

Amanda & Mel

Lewis & Irene coming in the Autumn

Many of you have already spotted the beautiful fabric from Lewis & Irene.  Producing beautiful cottons for just over a year now, they’ve made a big impact on both Amanda and myself.  We’ve fallen in love with this British family run business. Make a Wish was a big hit at the Duxford Quilt Festival with its beautiful soft colours and plenty of uses for both quilters, crafters and seamstresses. So we’re excited to tell you there will be A LOT of Lewis & Irene at our stalls in time for Christmas.  Here’s a sneak peak of what will be coming through!A91.2 Friendly Pheasant on naturalA94.2 Wooley Sheep on natural A97.3 Red and pink flower garden on ivory A`100.1 Happiness is homemade on navy  A95.2 Cow Parsley & Bee on green A87.2 Scottie on red A881.1 Stag Head on light grey A89.1 Thistel on light grey A111.1 Barley mouse on maroon A112.2 Red berries A113.2 Acorns & Leaves on cream   CHR6.1 Little Fairies on winter Mist (metallic) CHR8.2 Silver Snowflakes on Snow (Metallic) CHR11.2 The Christmas Star on Cactus CHR11.3 The Christmas Star on Deep Red