A touch of vintage

Many of you will remember I started my business using vintage fabrics. There is something comforting about using familiar old prints from the past. However when I was sourcing pieces of fabrics, I soon realised that often the journey those vintage pieces have taken left them fragile. So instead I searched for designers and brands that could capture some of the nostalgic feel but with a more suitable quality for quilting.  

My most recent selection truly comes from the past, so I am excited to offer a range of Dutch Heritage that gives the feel of nostalgia but uses modern day colours for our every day lives. 

Dutch Heritage fabric is designed by Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman. They create reproduction prints inspired by traditional floral designs found in 17th & 18th century Dutch chintz. Just look and this print called Ashridge!

I am cherry picking this collection to coordinate with colours that I know cross over into my other fabrics, which I think keeps it fresh and modern. No sludgey colours with this set of fabrics. I was particularly excited by the new range of colours of the Pindots in this collection. They are bold and make fantastic blenders. Pindots come as a bundle and I've chosen a selection of colours to be sold separately. 

One of the most appealing thing for me is that this collection can be reordered. So if you want 6+ metres I can order it!

So get ready as I'm already making kits for the new year with this great collection!

Find the collection by clinking this link.

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