Brave by Anna Maria Horner has arrived!

Anna Maria horner aurifil brave bundles perfect partners

The stunning new collection by Anna Maria Horner has now arrived!

I was so excited to see this collection. I new the the glorious Sunseakers print was going to blow me away and it really has. The colours really pop and the florals demand attention.

Here's what Anna has to say about Brave,

"I have long relied on my photos, sketches, doodles, and plans to begin any new collection of fabric and find the hunt and gather process to be comforting. However, when I approach other creative endeavors, such as a wall mural, all I do is gather the paints and brushes and simply begin. It is that other approach - that brave approach - that inspires this collection. I made no plans or sketches and used no photographic references, I just trusted my hand and my eye. The beauty in this freeing style, is that the art feels like it has drawn itself. My Brave collection celebrates letting yourself completely give in to color, form, beauty and to chance. Hand-drawn pathways and imaginary florals in stimulating palettes dance through small & simple as well as large & complex designs. I'm inviting you to be BRAVE and let the spontaneity into your patchwork and sewing! "

I've pulled together my favourite coordinates to help support this collection. You'll find the beautiful Perfect Partners are back with carefully chosen coordinating solids. A range of supporting Aurifil threads from 12wt, 28wt and 50wt. . I've cut a range of precuts too! You'll find fat eights and hexagons among the bundles of fat quarters and half metres. 

Here's a couple links to help you to shop! Enjoy!


Brave Fat Quarter Collection

Brave Fat Eights Collection

Brave Half Metre Collection

Brave hexagons

Perfect Partners - Fat Eights

Perfect Partners - Long Quarters

Aurifil 50wt Light Magenta

Aurifil 50wt Wisteria

Aurifil 50wt Purple


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