Getting spooky

I do love a good spooky collection every now and then. And Mystic Moonlight by Rachel Hauer hits so many of the must have boxes.

  • Must have good artwork
  • Must be packed with details
  • Be a little quirky
  • Must work as a collection and tell a story.
  • Bonus points for raven or crow.

This one even has gorgeous owls and a wonderful black cat! Rachel knows her animals and each one is pack with details so that they feel they will jump right off the fabric. 

But not to be outdone, These owls with there stripe scraves and cute hat make me think they're dressed up and ready for a night of fun.

But In case you like a little retro in your fabric design, get ready for a moon that harks back to some nursery rhymes from times gone by. Anyone else thinking how amazing this would be in a dress?

There's so much to this collection, bats, skulls, and brilliant stripe and star blends - the bat houndstooth really shouldn't be missed either. Look up close to spot Mr Bat.

But enough about what I liked about it, here's Rachel's thoughts about the collection,

"Mystic Moonlight is inspired by an old home that’s very loved and very haunted. I can imagine the antique, dark wallpaper peeling with age from the walls. As you look at the damask, your eyes play a trick on you - was that a skull in the pattern? Maybe there is an owl who has taken residence in the attic and some black cats that are chasing the moths that live in the dusty rafters. There are overgrown gardens and lots of collections, all by the light of a friendly moon. Would you go inside?"

It's a strong collection and one that stands out for being different. These gothic prints aren't just for Halloween. Freespirit have even put together a fun quilt project to help you see how to use them. Both the fabric and the quilt kit are available on the website, so go on, go a little spooky.

Believe in Magic Quilt Kit link

Fat quarter bundle link


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