Welcome Home by Anna Maria Horner

Welcome home is Anna Maria Horner's latest collection for Freespirit fabrics. Its arriving any day now and I'm so excited to see the rich vibrant colours of this collection. Little Patras in the Wedding colour way is my personal favourite - I'm a sucker for florals and this mauve/pink looks sooooo good! I'm very excited to start sewing with it! 

Anna Maria always puts to much heart and soul into her collections, here's a little more of what she has to say about Welcome Home.


"I have spent much of the past year or two longing to visit favorite cities around the globe. At the same time, my family and I have made a very big move from a longtime home and I've thought a lot about what makes a home personally beautiful and inviting. As we get to know our new landing place it is so clear that the old saying is true- 'home is where the heart is'. My heart belongs not just in Franklin, Tennessee, but also in Chicago, in Australia, in England and Europe. There are feelings of home that are conjured for me in so many cities, whether because of family and friends that I love, my history with the place, or that cherished familiarity that fills my lungs as soon as I step off a plane. This collection draws on imaginative representations of favorite cities that feel like home to me. Florals are large and small, playful graphics have energy, and personal memories are made visually diverse and colorful to tell a story that I hope finds a happy home in your quilting and sewing."

I'll be making lots of my favourite bundles with this collection,

For Coordinating Solids check out Crocus, Blush and Pickle.

And for threads check out Light Magenta or Light Purple, Bright Grey Blue

Happy sewing!



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