Hollyhock Delight (Blue) by Philip Jacobs
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Hollyhock Delight (Blue) by Philip Jacobs

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  • Designer Phillip Jacobs
  • Snow Leopard Designs
  • Manufacturer Freespirit Fabrics
  • 100% Cotton
  • suitable for quilting, dressmaking and crafting
  • width of bolt is 110cm

Philip Jacobs says, “Cottage Garden” is an exciting and exuberant new collection from Snow Leopard Designs. It is inspired by memories of my childhood riverside garden near Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. My mother had developed wonderful, densely-planted borders of herbaceous perennial flowers. They came up each year and flowered with great profusion through the hot summer months, while butterflies and ladybirds flew across the river from the grassy meadow on the other bank and mingled with the rich blooms. There was even a grapevine growing in my father’s little moss-covered greenhouse where all the scents of summer mingled. Later in life, I was able to create my own dense, herbaceous border while I was living in a farm cottage halfway up a hill in rural Hampshire. I followed my mother’s formula and surrounded the little cottage with tightly-packed borders of roses, delphiniums, foxgloves, hollyhocks, and geraniums, as well as trailing sweet pea and other flowers. It is these now-distant memories that I have sought to recreate in my “Cottage Garden” collection. I hope that when you work with these fabrics in your projects you, too, will be taken back to my magical gardens and feel the scents, fragrances, and calming influence of all those multiple blooms.

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